Cisa Trading

Ferrous, Nonferrous and Inspection


Over recent years, the nonferrous metals market has experienced a boom in prices. Cisa Trading provides import operations that are able to reduce the acquisition costs of these products.

Cisa Trading's scope includes buying copper and molybdenum trioxide from the world’s largest producers and exporters, inbound and outbound logistics activities, documentation analysis, customs clearance, warehousing and handling in primary, secondary and general storage zones.

Cisa centrally coordinates all the operational relations with the key regulatory bodies (Federal Revenue, DECEX, Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade) and carries out all the activities to meet the requirements of licensing, inspection, storage and handling and product traceability along the whole supply chain.

Moreover, it also advises customers about tax, customs and regulatory legislation and offers financing solutions for their operations, in accordance with the needs of each value chain.

With highly qualified and specialized professionals, Cisa Trading is always under constant improvement, in search of logistics options that bring benefits to its customers’ import processes.

Providing high-quality product handling, storage and transport as well as excellent security is a top priority for Cisa Trading.

The contracting of local and international hauling and logistics service providers is preceded by rigorous verification, to assure the quality of the supply chain according to GMP guidelines and principles.

Monitoring the unloading from cargo planes and removal is done by experienced and trained professionals, ensuring the necessary speed to maintain each product’s original properties.

Products are stored in specific areas in order to meet the service, safety and quality requirements.


In addition, Cisa Trading has relationships with the main iron and steel manufactures in the world to buy high quality products such as:

The complexity of this sector, together with the stringent demands of our customers, has prompted us to develop a service organization specialized in all import procedures, which qualifies us as the partner of choice for the most important companies in the sector.


Inspection is Cisa’s distribution company that works in various areas selling high quality ferrous and nonferrous products from the main world producers.

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