Cisa Trading

Domestic Leasing

By means of partnerships with a few local banks, Cisa Trading acts as an importer of machinery and equipment which will become the fixed assets of companies in Brazil. LDPI – Leasing Doméstico de Produto Importado, domestic leasing of imported products – is a commercial leasing operation that allows companies to buy imported equipment while keeping all advantages of an internal market operation.  

Cisa Trading's scope of services includes national and international logistics, document analysis, customs clearance, storage and registry. Cisa manages all operational arrangements with regulatory agencies – Receita Federal (similar to some countries' Inland Revenue Service), ANAC (National Agency of Civil Aviation), DECEX (Department of Foreign Trade) etc. – and performs the necessary duties needed to flawlessly meet requirements of licensing, inspection, surveillance, good storage practices, insurance, among others.

In addition, Cisa Trading advises and updates its clients on current tax, customs and regulatory laws.

The operation between Cisa Trading and local banks provides lessees with many advantages, such as the following:

- by order of banks, Cisa Trading is responsible for the payment of goods to exporters, as well as all taxes and expenses regarding importation;
- companies (lessees) are not required to register at the SRF (Inland Revenue System) as "importers";
- there are no advances by lessees directly to exporters;
- substitution of a lease-back operation;
- various fiscal advantages of leasing transactions such as:

1 - no IOF (federal financial operations tax) charges;
2 - instalments are deductible on income tax;
3 - allows PIS (Social Integration Programme, a tax levied on corporations' overall revenue) and COFINS (Social Security Financing Contribution – an additional mandatory contribution to the financing of social security, based on the gross turnover of corporations) to be credited to the value of installments if the company adopts a noncumulative regime;
4 - ICMS (state value-added tax on services and circulation of goods) credit for companies located in the state of São Paulo.

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