Cisa Trading


The opening of Brazilian import market allowed Brazilians the access to famous international brands in the cosmetics segment, which was earlier restricted to a small part of the population that used to travel and buy them abroad.

The international cosmetics industry has also become aware of the importance of Brazilian market and is strongly acting in this segment. Positioning global brands in the market, developing partnerships with distributors, training product demonstrators, holding launch events, and intensively caring the brand image are activities requiring permanent focus of the key players of the cosmetics segment.

Cisa Trading’s service scope includes inbound and outbound logistics activities, customs clearing, warehousing, handling in primary and secondary zones and documentation analysis. The scope of Cisa service also includes

interpretation and advisory guidance to clients about tax, customs and regulatory legislation. Cisa centrally coordinates for its customers all the operational relations with the key regulatory bodies (FEDERAL REVENUE, ANVISA and MAPA) and develops all the required activities for perfectly meeting all the requirements of licensing, inspection, checking, good practices and traceability, as well as financing of customer operations.

Providing high-quality product handling, storage, fitness services and product transportation, as well as excellence in their safety conditions are basic principles of Cisa Trading.

Hiring of domestic and international freights, as well as selecting logistics service providing companies are preceded by a rigorous homologation, in order to qualify the logistic chain according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines.

Follow up of unloading from air cargo aircrafts and removal is made by experienced and trained professionals, thus ensuring the necessary speed to maintain the product’s integrity and properties.

Lots are stored in specific areas homologated by the health surveillance authorities.

Cisa Trading has also built up a unique know-how on meeting the fitting needs of the cosmetic industry products, and on providing, in addition to import services, also those related to labeling, kitting, blistering, adding instructions in Portuguese, manufacturing date and best before date, registration and batch numbers, everything done with excellence and in accordance with the needs of every customer and the regulatory prescriptions of ANVISA.

The complexity of this sector, together with the stringent demands of our customers, has challenged us to develop a service organization highly specialized in all their relevant procedures, which qualifies us as the partner of choice for the market’s most reputable brands.

Cisa Trading - Av. Pres. Juscelino Kubitschek, 1830, Tower II, 8th floor, Itaim Bibi - São Paulo/SP - 04543-900 - Brazil - Tel.: +55 11 3707-2800