Cisa Trading

Highly Qualified Team & Principles

The leading Brazilian company in International Trade wouldn’t be at the top without its highly qualified and competitive team aligned with Cisa’s principles.

Cisa Trading’s success is supported by the many talents the company attracts and keeps year after year, establishing a long term partnership with each employee. The company’s Human Resource department focuses on the potential development of each employee and uses the empowerment concept of autonomy with responsibility.

The tool that helps implement this philosophy is our Programa de Cargos e Remuneração (Plan of Positions and Salaries), with clear and objective description of each position’s duties as well as alignment of the positions with Business Planning that define our strategic objectives as a company.

There are many opportunities to grow within the company and it’s mostly filled by our employees, taking advantage of all potential and qualities in each person and helping them grow.

As a result of this process, Cisa Trading has been well evaluated by its employees according to the following values:


 Organizational Culture;

 Public relations;

 Work conditions;

 Ability, Justice and Equal Opportunities.

In addition, Cisa organizes every year a 2-3 day sport and adventure event in a beautiful spot in Brazil to sharpen the teamwork spirit of the employees, unwind and have fun!

People are the driving force of Cisa Trading and a must to continue our success. In case you are ready for the challenge, we would be delighted to have you join our team.

Cisa Trading - Av. Pres. Juscelino Kubitschek, 1830, Tower II, 8th floor, Itaim Bibi - São Paulo/SP - 04543-900 - Brazil - Tel.: +55 11 3707-2800